About Us

   Gabii’s is a family run retail/wholesale business that specializes in Mexican handcrafts. We are located in Progresso Lakes, Texas which has a population 203. It is situated in the middle of a sugar cane field one mile north of the border city of New Progresso, Mexico. There are a total of 12,800 square feet for shopping indoors and 12,800 square feet of outdoor shopping. Our four major departments are Home Décor, Pottery, Jewelry, and Ladies apparel. Progresso has 1.8 million visitors a year, not bad for a small town.

   It all began with Don David (Gabii’s Father), who moved from the state of Michoacan in South Mexico to the Border town of Matamoros in search of a better life in 1933. Since then the business of Mexican handcrafts has flourish through three generations. Currently, Gabii and Fernando, have a strong commitment to the well being of the artisans and to the satisfaction of their customers. Their dedication has become something tangible that is clearly evident throught our store.